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Experienced fullstack / PHP developer, with a genuine interest in all software technologies. Epertise in PHP/MySql programming, proficient with MEAN stack technologies. Passionate developer with vision to build a perfect web application.

Focusing on high quality, timely delivery and cost effective solutions, keeping clients happy.

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Tesis Approaches

Daily using Test Driven (TDD) approach, keen on agile development, sometimes using more traditional waterfall development or extreme programming programming.

Bringing a project from inception to conclusion successfully with accurate coordination and management of resources are the main goals.

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Tesis Services

Web application development, custom PHP Web development, Dynamic website development, PHP framework development, PHP CMS development, PHP CRM applications, etc.

Proficient in front-end likewise in back-end development, totally dedicated to provide the highest standard of products and quality of services.

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Web Development 


  • Obtaining a clear understanding of business objectives
  • Providing client tailored strategic plan
  • Consulting and bringing ideas and solutions
  • Good collaboration is a key part to achieve the desired goals

Design and optimization

  • Responsive web design
  • Pixel perfect sliced designs
  • SEO optimization
  • Standard compliant coding (W3C markup validation service)

Semantic code

  • Avoiding legacy code
  • Implementing best coding practices
  • Maintaining cross-browser compatibility
  • Practicing unit testing, integration or other testing

24/7 Support

  • 24/7 support
  • Continuous monitoring services
  • Reachable by email, skype or whatsup
  • Very responsive and proacting

Recent web applications

  • baloot


    Baloot - Wordpress application with PayPal integration

  • workcosmo


    WorkCosmo - a social network for employees with PayPal

  • slots network

    slots network

    slots network with automatic updates

  • email template ha

    email template ha

    Email Template Ha

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Technical skills

PHP Frameworks&CMSes

Laravel, Codeigniter, custom frameworks on request, my own MVC OOP framework, Wordpress, custom CMSs on request, familiar with Symphony

Javascript frameworks and libraries

MEAN stack development, including NodeJS, AngularJS, ExpressJS (with MongoDB), jQuery library, Mocha, Karma, PhantomJS, and Jasmine for tests, Gulp for LESS/SASS and optimization (performance improvements)


SQL and non-SQL databases, such as MySQL (MySqli, PDO), and MongoDb.


converting PSD to HTML, AI to HTML, FW to HTML, PSD to WordPress conversion, basic graphic design skills, CSS styling, HTML coding

CSS preprocessors & frameworks

Preprocessors: LESS and SASS, familiar with Stylus

Frameworks: Twitter-Bootstrap and Zurb Foundation

APIs Integration

APIs integration including social media: Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, or other APIs like paypal, geolocation, googleMaps, etc.

Template engines

My favorite template engine is JADE (PUG)

Other languages

Familiar with Phyton, C++, JAVA and CSharp

Front-end & back-end technologies

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