Experienced Fullstack / PHP Developer

Tereza Simcic - Tesis


  • Full stack developer
  • Object Oriented PHP Developer
  • Over 10 years of LAMP development experience
  • MVC OOP developer
  • MySQL developer
  • MEAN stack developer
  • Fluent in UNIX / Linux, OS X operating environments
  • Strong back end developer with wide skill set
  • MVC, Frameworks (Laravel, Codeigniter, custom), GIT / subversion toolset

Passionate Developer

I'm a passionate and experienced web developer, with expertise in PHP/MySql programming, proficient with MEAN stack, and all other techniques that are required to build interactive, dynamic web applications. My goal is to build perfect web application either from client or user point of view.

Building web applications is an art and I believe it has to follow good coding practices, and the code should be easy to maintain and reusable whenever possible, thus my main interest is to develop minimalist code and doing things best as possible.

W3C standards, PSR standards, SEO and capabilities of different web browsers are factors I always keep in mind while developing web content.

With a BSc in Information Technology and Computing from OpenUniversity I have a full understanding of the full life cycle of a software development project. I also have experience in learning and excelling at new technologies as needed.

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BSc in Information Technology and Computing

University: Open University (Milton Keynes, UK)
Graduation ceremony in Glasgow, Scotland (Royal Concert Hall)

Main fields: Digital Communication, Object Oriented Programming in C++ and Smalltalk, Relational Databases(IBM DB2, Sybase SQL), familiar with Java and Phyton as well

High School: Natural Sciences (Nova Gorica, Slovenia)

Started with PHP & MySql in 2004 ...

Supported by a strong Development Experience.


The code is well commented, and read just as easily as the generated documentation. GIT / version controlling, is an indispensable tool used on daily basis.


PHP(OOP and procedural), MySQL(+PDO), MySQLi, MongoDB, HTML5, CSS2&3, Ajax, JavaScript (jQuery / Angular/ Node), conversion from PSD/FW/AI to HTML, experienced in Apache, and server administration


Avoiding code legacy and memory leaks, providing clean coding, validated according to W3C standards, using TDD approach along with debugging tools, performance tests, etc.

Tesis Approaches

Daily using Test Driven (TDD) approach, keen on agile development, sometimes using more traditional waterfall development or extreme programming programming.

Bringing a project from inception to conclusion successfully with accurate coordination and management of resources are the main goals.

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